Data Recovery In The Event Of A Hard Drive Failure

computer hard drive

Did you know that the hard drive is the most fragile component of your computer? The fragile nature of hard drives means that data loss is fairly common; It is estimated that 6% of computers suffer some form of data loss every year! Since data loss is such a common problem, ALMTWR Computer Systems has the tools and knowledge to mine a broken hard drive and recover your important information. ALMTWR Computer Systems can perform this service on all types of machines to recover your valuable data.

Don’t be defeated by data loss

Because your data is important to you, we will do everything we can to get it back!

When your computer crashes and you lose your data, it seems like your entire world is shattered with it. A hard drive fails when a small metal disk called a disk – which has data stored on it and spins at thousands of revolutions per minute – gets stuck. A hard drive may fail because something as small as dust found its way inside the casing, the machine may have fallen and the delicate balance of the platters has been thrown off, or small moving pieces inside the hard drive may have worn out. Whatever the cause of your hard drive crash, we have the tools to recover your data.

We have the means not only to recover data from broken hard drive, but we can also recover data from magnetic removable media, flash disks, and other data storage devices. We can recover data from a drive running on any operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, DOS, VMWare, Novell and a choice of UNIX interfaces, and we can also support many hard drive models such as EIDE, IDE, SAS SATA and SCSI.

Prevent data loss with BDR

The best solution to data loss is to be prepared with a disaster backup and data recovery solution.

Although ALMTWR Computer Systems can recover your data from a failed hard drive, it is much easier to recover data from our BDR solution. ALMTWR Computer Systems’ backup and disaster recovery tool will automatically back up your company’s valuable data to a secure off-site data center, and we’ll manage a BDR solution for you as part of our Managed IT Services. This means whether you are backing up your data, or if a disaster strikes and you need to recover lost data, you don’t have to panic or even do anything because ALMTWR  Computer Systems will take care of everything for you with our comprehensive backup and data recovery solution. .

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